• Aim High Speech Therapy Services, PLLC - Queens, New York

Quality Service

Aim High Speech Therapy Services, PLLC, has provided speech therapy services for
children of all ages for over 10 years. We offer services via teletherapy to children in New York State and at our clinic. We are one of the few teletherapy services providers who focus exclusively on speech therapy.  This enables us to maintain our attention on our core capabilities and provide exceptional service to every client.

At Aim High Speech, we aim high to reach the fullest potential of our every client!

Devoted Therapists

We are professionally licensed, experienced speech language pathologists who create personalized lesson plans for each child and deliver effective therapy.

What is Speech Teletherapy?

Speech teletherapy is commonly called online speech therapy or virtual speech therapy. It is the professional delivery of speech therapy services via a web-based platform. Teletherapy has been around for many years. Our HIPPA compliant, interactive therapy platform includes educational applications, online resources and videos, live documentation, and screen sharing.

Teletherapy aims to connect professional therapists to schools, clients, parents, and children without the hassle of the commute to a clinic or waiting for therapy. Our mission is to make access to therapy easier by connecting individuals to specialists completely virtually while receiving the same level of care and professionalism they deserve.

Aim High Speech Therapy Services, PLLC - Queens, New York

Who Do We Work With?


We work with public, private, charter, and online schools in New York State to provide speech language services.


Whether parents in New York State are looking for dedicated speech services or supplementary services to those on a current Individualized Education Plan, we are able to help.

What Skills Do We Address?

  • Speech Production

    These skills include articulation, phonology, and motor planning disorders such as Apraxia of Speech.

  • Language Skills

    Language skills include listening, processing, speaking, and reading to express self and show understanding.

  • Executive Functioning

    Executive functioning skills include planning, organization, problem solving, and sequencing abilities to complete daily activities.

  • Literacy

    Literacy includes awareness of the sounds, print, and the relationship between letters and sounds.

  • Social Skills

    Yes, social skills! We can offer group sessions to address pragmatic skills including conversation, turn taking and more.

  • Accent Modification

    Accent modification is a process of learning the sound system of a language so the non-native speaker can communicate with clarity to be understood by the general public of this second language.